ERP audit

Get a thorough look at your current ERP setup, operations implementation, and business requirements. Address process inefficiencies in your organisation and have a more effective ERP journey.

Your ERP journey

An ERP system is a continuous journey rather than a destination. Your organisation is constantly evolving – so should your ERP system and processes. A vyzeri consultant will join you on this journey to provide the necessary support and ensure a smooth system upgrade from planning to implementation.

The vyzeri audit methodology

An ERP audit is conducted in 4 phases: identification, collaboration, recommendation, and engagement.

Identification involves isolating key areas of concern, leading to the correct prioritisation and planning of improvements. The collaboration phase includes a high-level review of the audit questionnaire, a strategy workshop, and focus sessions. The vyzeri consultant will then make recommendations on applicable modifications in the third phase. Upon the completion of the handover, engagement will take place.

Unbiased ERP evaluations

Are your ERP processes being executed correctly? Are you maximising the potential of your cloud-based ERP system? Find out today.

Download the ERP Audit brochure to learn more about how you can advance your organisation’s growth.