Management consulting

Our team of experienced management consultants will help your business identify, define, and solve complex operational and organisational issues and streamline processes. Undergo digital transformation, optimise the supply chain, and grow through reliable process consulting. 

Functional expertise

Successful digital transformations, growth strategy implementations, and process improvements are born out of careful planning and the reliable guidance of management consultants. The industry counsel and advice of experienced individuals are crucial in your business journey towards lasting growth. Our consultants understand the challenges of adapting to new business models, reducing costs, and utilising technology to improve inefficient processes.

Objective analyses and assessments

Solving complex business and operational problems requires an in-depth, impartial perspective. vyzeri’s management consultants serve as independent team members to conduct extensive research on organisational impediments. Our independent approach to issue resolution will accelerate process improvement.

Objective analyses and assessments

i. Digital transformation

vyzeri is an experienced business transformation partner that has delivered several technologies, change and process transformation initiatives across the entire APAC region over the past 20 years.

vyzeri’s digital transformation approach focuses on three key areas:

  1. Strategy and planning
  2. Leveraging technology
  3. Change management and governance

vyzeri believes that no transformation program can be successful without a detailed strategy & planning. The team leverages strategy frameworks to identify and isolate objectives and outcomes, inclusive of the needs and benefits of all stakeholders (community, employees, and external parties such as customers and vendors).

Technology is a non-negotiable enabler in achieving growth and transformation outcomes. The vyzeri team leverages technology wherever feasible to ensure objectives are met and supports you in keeping pace with a constantly changing digital landscape.

Our experiences have taught us that to bring about change is one thing, but to bring about sustainable change is another. Vyzeri has developed a strong capability in change management, user adoption, and governance for transformation projects.

The vyzeri strategies are all backed by vyzeri’s PBIAG® framework, ensuring real outcomes and sustainable change.

ii. Supply chain management

Many companies have supply chain systems that work and are relatively reliable. However, in the new normal, the environment, consumers, and customers are changing so rapidly that incremental, continuous improvement isn’t fast enough to adapt to the dynamics.

vyzeri helps you supercharge your supply chain and become a leader regardless of where your company falls on the supply-chain maturing curve. We have helped industries conquer capacity constraints and margin pressure while leveraging best-of-breed supply chain technology at every point of the value chain.

iii. Strategy and innovation

vyzeri works with business leaders to act as catalysts and continually thrive for strategic innovation. We believe strategy is not reviewed once a year or every few years. Strategy is a continuous journey undertaken systematically to stay competitive in a rapidly changing world.

We focus on one of the two below:

Enterprise operating model

Any external forces such as changes in technology, customer preferences, and competitive environment alongside internal forces including strategy shift, operational cost increase, and leadership change — trigger the need for companies to change their operating model to stay competitive. 

The Enterprise Operating Model supports strategic planning and execution and drives value by:

  1. Unlocking top-line growth, pursuing new business models or restructuring existing ones to deliver integrated customer outcomes
  2. Differentiating core capabilities (including performance), increasing operational effectiveness
  3. Driving sustainable profitability, optimising enterprise costs

Enterprise cost reduction

For every organisation, the focus is not just growth but also profitability:

It is imperative to ask what measures have are being taken to grow and increase profitability. Vyzeri works with its clients to align cost structures with corporate strategy and using those savings to unlock growth.

vyzeri identifies, prioritises, and helps implement initiatives that address a wide range of cash, cost, and capital challenges.

Improve your business’ performance

vyzeri provides process analysis, organisational change-management assistance, operational improvement, strategy development, and technology implementation services.