Strategic business reviews

Work through change by assessing internal and external challenges that inhibit growth and stability. Look to the future, analyse your environment, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Vision, goals, initiatives

At the core of every good strategy are goals, visions and initiatives. Identifying these with an experienced and reliable consultant will bring greater clarity to your business direction and drive sustainable growth across the organisation. A well-structured strategy will also improve financial outcomes, capital allocation, and return on investment.

Boosting your competitive advantage

Strategic business reviews correctly align the goals and functions of every business element – from the staff and department-specific processes to the tools and technology used. Reviewing your strategy with a vyzeri consultant will assist in enhancing your competitive advantage.

vyzeri’s strategic business review is a structured process to identify new value-creating opportunities within a business and supercharge growth. 

Most companies undertake strategic reviews on an annual basis as part of their strategic planning process. Some businesses undertake them more ad hoc when presented with a specific opportunity or problem within the company.

The outcome of a strategic business review will be a clear set of strategic/operational recommendations and a future roadmap that charts its course and enables increased and sustained performance now and for the future.

The review follows a four-step process as below:

Where are we now?

This stage involves analysing the company’s strengths and weaknesses, how well it addresses the needs of buyers and markets, and how it compares with its competitors.

An assessment of operational effectiveness looks at people, processes, and organisational responsibilities. The purpose is to establish a solid and agreed start point for the remainder of the project. 

The analysis stage often highlights differences of opinion between people within the company and builds consensus about what needs to be done and why.

Where could we get to?

In the second stage, the strategic options are identified. Research and analysis include the sizing, profiling and segmentation of markets and considering the options available for developing products and services through options such as organic growth and strategic partnerships.

Where should we get to?

Based on the analysis in the first two stages, the appropriate objectives are selected from the available strategic options and prioritised accordingly. 

Chosen market opportunities are identified, and deeper research is often required to complete this stage effectively.

How do we get there?

An operational plan is developed based on the differentiated value proposition highlighted during the first three stages.

The offering to each market or market segment is defined. The requirements for the development of the company’s people, processes and organisation are determined. 

Targets are established in this stage and the definition of the metrics that will be used to evaluate success.

We note that every organisation has different needs, and some organisations might require a more strategic review while some might require a more operational review.

Before starting, each business review is discussed at length with the individual customer, and key objectives are agreed upon before embarking on this journey.

Strategise to optimise

Optimised processes and clear business objectives lead to lasting, sustainable growth. Get a tailor-fit strategy for your organisation today.