Why us?

We help organisations work through change by assessing internal and external challenges that impact growth and stability. We guide you as you look to the future, analyse your environment, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Our values-driven approach

For 15 years now, Jcurve has been the go-to business-transformation partner of a wide range of organisations in the Asia Pacific region. This experience has allowed us to further streamline and refine our approach, methodology, and framework to adapt to the world’s ever-evolving needs.

As an organisation, we believe in letting our values dictate our approach, which, in turn, reflects on our principles. As a result of this synthesis, we are able to ensure holistic transformation while delivering expert services in cloud-based solutions and technology.

Our four principles below drive our transformation methodology.

I. Making it happen

We are accountable for all outcomes. We do not look at one-off results but at sustained success. We set up systems and processes that deliver tangible outcomes.

II. Acting as one

For every transformation initiative, the client should be deeply involved and must play an integral part. Through this, we believe we are enacting a cultural paradigm shift by ensuring the client’s buy-in and ownership. Alignment is, ultimately, at the core of the strategy.

III. Sustainability

Jcurve’s approach has always been to ensure that change endures past the completion of a project. For us, transformation is a continuing journey rather than a fixed destination. Whether it’s technology or a change initiative, we carry out extensive coaching and deliberate knowledge transfer. As a result, we produce robust organisations with a culture of persistent process-improvement, capability, and tools.

IV. People-first 

Being in change management for several years, it is our firm belief that any and every form of transformation must be anchored on people. We cannot force change. We merely enable it and act as a catalyst. Ultimately, we see our work as solving human problems, and this entails creating an environment where people can enact the change themselves.

This is the reason we developed our own framework to guide transformation: the Plan, Build, Impact, Adopt, Govern (PBIAG®) process.

Strategise to optimise

Optimised processes and clear business objectives lead to lasting, sustainable growth. Get a tailor-fit strategy for your organisation today.